Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tucker's Birthday

January 15, 2008 - Tuesday

Tucker, my dear. Tomorrow you will be five. It's hard to believe. You're so excited about your birthday, and here I am about to tear up. Not because I'm sad - no way! I've always said that I will appreciate every age my children are and not lose today in favor of yesterday. I'm sure you'll have to remind me of that a lot.

I could tear up because I can't believe what a great person you are. I mean, who knew that a five year old could be such a person? You're like a little adult. You can read and do addition, and you're getting better at your subtraction. You are giving - you gladly share whatever you have with anyone who wants or needs it. I love having real conversations with you. I love the light in your eyes when you figure something out. It's like I can see your little brain working. You are amazing.

I can't wait for our fifth year together. I'm sure it will be the best one yet - just like all the others.

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