Friday, February 13, 2009

A Loss

This week I lost a student. He was smart and funny and just a great kid. I miss him.

It breaks my heart to think of the dark place he must have been in. It breaks my heart.

I am in awe of the incredible strength my students have shown. They are unconditionally loving to one another. They cry together, hold each other. My little sixth period class is an unlikely family, and they are now forever bonded together by tragedy.

Before this, of course I loved them. I was their teacher. The person who bears witness to their growth and success this year and then waves to them in the hall and writes them letters of recommendation next year as they apply to far-off exotic colleges or to be Aggies like me. Now I just want to hold them and help them find some peace in all this.

Please pray for a family, a team, a class, and a school. Pray that those without faith will find it. Pray for a mom and dad and brothers who will never be the same. Pray that their already strong faith will be the constant in all they say and do and think in the coming days.

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Kelly said...

Thanks for saying what we've been feeling at our house. I haven't been able to write about is still too difficult for us.