Thursday, February 5, 2009

Exactly what kind of assistance are we talking about here?

We're sitting in the drive through at McDonalds, and Tucker starts to read the sign on the window.

Tucker: "Shirt required" (I helped him with that one) "Must have shoes." "No Pets" "Assistance Dogs Allowed" (I helped with assistance, too) Mom, what does that mean?

Me: Assistance dogs are dogs that help people. Like when a blind person has a dog that helps tell them when to cross a street.

Tucker: Oh, yeah. I know what that is.

Keaton: I have an assistance my green house.

Tucker: Who at you green house is blond?

Keaton: The mom. The mom at my green house is blond so she has an assistance dog.

Tucker: I thought you would say it's her.

Keaton: Yeah, my green house mom just got her hair done.


Trey said...

I haven't heard about the Green House in a while. I was thinking it didn't exist anymore.

StormyHickman said...

me too! I was surprised to hear it come up (which might be why I started listening to the conversation so closely).

Courtney S. said...

You can't make this stuff up! You definitely have to write a book one day...your boys are hilarious!

April said...

Not sure if it's because it's Friday afternoon and my brain is tired, or if I'm just not having a smart what...but I'm a little confused after reading this!

StormyHickman said...

April - assistance dogs are sometimes for BLIND people. Keaton's imaginary assistance dog is for his BLOND mom.

April said...

Thanks, Stormy...I kinda got that part! I was more so talking about the green house and the detail that the mom just got her hair done. I was kind of kidding about being confused. I'm fully aware this was a conversation between the Hickman boys...and well...they just seem a bit random! And have some sort of brother/little boy language going on too!

StormyHickman said...

hehe...I was just teasing you, April! Keaton has always had an imaginary green house with an imaginary family. They are apparently quite permissive as they let him do whatever he wants, unlike us.

Lisa said...


Oh my goodness. Keaton reminds me of my youngest, Davis. they would love each other!

Cristi said...

There's a blond joke in here somewhere...something about blondes needing "assistance"?