Monday, September 1, 2008

A Different Drummer

Keaton has been talking on the phone constantly lately. An old cell phone that doesn't work. He has what seems like very real conversations on this phone, and even takes it with him in his pocket when he can get away with it.

Today, Trey and Keaton spent their Labor Holiday together while Tucker and I were at school. Trey was telling me all about Keaton's phone conversations, and he finished by saying, "He really does march to the beat of a different drummer."

When Trey and I were talking about this, Keaton came bouncing into our room in his jammies and announced that his hands and feet were cold. So I told him to go get some socks. Trey and I kept on with our conversation.

A few minutes later Keaton bounced in again with bare feet.

And socks on his hands.

Then he begged and begged me to turn on a CD for him - one he had picked out. I was talking to Trey, so I only half paid attention while I put the CD in the stereo. Honestly, I was hoping it would quiet him down so we could finish talking.

Next thing I know, Keaton is jumping up and down on our bed with his socked hands waving in the air to the music of Whitney Houston belting out "Joy to the World."

I think it's safe to call that a different drummer.

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donna said...

I just love that kid!