Saturday, August 2, 2008


Tomorrow is Trey's mom's birthday, and while I am in no way domestic, I do enjoy baking from time to time. She and I share an affinity for all things chocolate, so tonight I was working on a chocolate cake for her big day tomorrow. After I mixed the batter, I went to the other counter to grease and flour the pans. I turned around and saw Keaton - in his usual perch on the bar - hogging out on cake batter. I tried to hide my laughter and sent him a scolding look instead. To which he responded, "I not gonna eat it all, Mommy. I promise. I just testing it to make sure I wike it." Then a pause. Then "I guess it's pretty good." I should also note that he refused to put on his pajamas tonight, so he's only wearing his bedtime pull-up. I guess I'm lucky he has that much on!


donna said...

I'll bet Mimi's cake tasted a little bit better with a touch of a grandson's finger! : )

Emily said...

bahahahaha. that's hilarious!!!

randi said...

your kid is so friggin cute. gosh.