Monday, August 25, 2008


Keaton has recently become obsessed with babies. Not only does he continue to talk about his imaginary sister, he's started asking Trey if we can have another baby. More specifically, he asked the other day, "Daddy, can we please go buy another baby because I not a baby anymore."

Tonight, he got 3 blankets out of the hall closet and rolled them into little balls. Then he carried them around the house introducing them as his babies. The white one is apparently his sister.

When he saw that I was taking his picture with his babies, he quickly started giving directions, "Take my picture with this one. It's smiling." And then he (and the little blanket baby, I suppose) struck a pose for me.

He told me all about these little ones, including how they like to run fast. "See?" he explained as he held the blankets and ran laps around the couches as fast as his little legs would carry him.

At some point he asked me to hold one of the babies, so I did. Two or three minutes later he was running laps with one of the others when he stopped dead in his tracks. Appalled, he gasped, "Did you throw that baby on the ground?" I told him I didn't and held up my little bundle of joy (haha). Apparently he couldn't see the baby from where he was standing, and when he learned that the blessed infant was safe and sound he let out a grateful sigh.

The babies also like to ride in choo-choo trains and in Pop's Polaris. Keaton said I could ride in the choo-choo with them, but I would have to stay home when they ride the Polaris because there wasn't enough room for me. Here he is conducting his blanket baby choo-choo train, with the babies tucked carefull into their seats on the couch.

This is how different my boys are. Tucker's teacher emailed me today to let me know he was having a great day (an advantage to working in the district). Here's what it said:

"I just wanted you to know that Tucker is having a really, really good day. He seems so happy and has made new friends already. He was cracking me up this morning. We read A Kissing Hand about a raccoon named Chester. Then we went on a "hunt" for Chester around the school so the students would be familiar w/ various people and places around the school. Tucker did not fall for it. He knew it wasn't real but was a good sport anyway. He's too smart for me. :) I am enjoying him."

Tucker must make it clear that he knows the raccoon isn't real. Keaton is at home making babies out of blankets and taking them on train rides.

PS - No, there are no plans for another baby around here. This is not, I repeat NOT, a hint of any kind. We just started sleeping all night last week...

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