Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Llegamos! (We arrived!)

We arrived in beautiful Mexico before noon. We sped through customs, and I got the green light when I had to press that little button that decides whether or not you get the heavy search. Life was grand!

We met our tour company person, and he directed us to the place where we’d meet our car. Trey read on TexAgs about a company you could call to get a private ride for only $10 more than those over-crowded 15 passenger vans that force you to stop at every hotel. So we had a van and driver all to ourselves. I couldn’t believe it!

On our way to the hotel, Trey asked me for the time. I told him it was about 12:30, and he said, “Good. We have massage appointments in the spa at 2:00.”
WooHoo!!! If you know me well, you know that my husband spoils me. I mean, he really spoils me. He had called ahead the day before to make the spa appointment and then waited until we got there to tell me. I always tell him that I love “Home Trey,” but I also really love when “Vacation Trey” comes to visit!

So we checked in and went upstairs to scope out our room. Wow. I mean…WOW! One entire wall of the room was windows that looked out over the ocean. We had a terrace with pool chairs and a Jacuzzi (yes, on the terrace). Here’s a couple of pics:

WARNING – I’m about to get mushy (sorry, Trey). There’s a song I often listened to right before we got married. I think it was on the Runaway Bride soundtrack. It’s called “I Never Saw Blue Like That.” That’s all I could think about as I looked off that balcony. To be in the most beautiful place in the world with my favorite person in the world was almost overwhelming. I try to appreciate Trey every day. I’m spoiled, remember, so it’s easy to appreciate him. But it’s great to have those moments when you are overwhelmed by how blessed you are to share your life with someone else. I remembered that God made Trey to be the other half of me, and He did a fabulous job!
Kind of lame, right? Whatever.

We had massages, we explored the hotel, we ate in one of the hotel restaurants. It was true leisure – the kind you have to go away from your house and everyone you know to achieve.

So ladies, hit that email link on this blog and send this to your husband! Tell him you appreciate him and love him. Then tell him to schedule you an appointment at a spa. ;)

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