Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Amazing Adventures of Toothless Tucker and Chicken Poxy

Once upon a time there were two brothers, Toothless Tucker and Chicken Poxy. These brothers loved each other very much. They loved each other so much that they plotted together to have incredible adventures without ever leaving their own house.

Toothless Tucker lost two teeth before his sixth birthday. Unfortunately, these little baby teeth enjoyed being in Tucker's mouth so much that he had to go the dentist and have them pulled. The baby teeth were soon replaced by bigger, stronger, grown-up teeth, and Toothless Tucker wasn't toothless anymore.

Chicken Poxy wistfully dreamed of the days when he would be five and his teeth would fall out. He even tried wiggling his little baby teeth to see if they wanted to come out before he was five, but they did not.

Upon his sixth birthday, Tucker had two beautiful baby teeth right in the front of his mouth, on the top. These teeth became loose a very long time ago, and Tucker would wiggle and wiggle them until they hurt and bled. Still, these teeth hung on to the party that is Tucker's mouth.

Finally, one Tuesday during Kids Klub, Tucker gave the unsuspecting loosest tooth a quick tug, and the tooth came right out into his hands! He was overjoyed! With the help of counselors, he immediately placed the tooth in a bag so he could take it home and leave it out for the tooth fairy.

That night, the tooth fairy took his baby tooth and left him fifty whole cents for it! More importantly, Tucker was Toothless Tucker again.

The other front tooth is quite loose and quite lonely for his baby tooth friend that now belonged to the tooth fairy. It's going to jump right out of Toothless Tucker's head any minute.

Not to be outdone by Toothless Tucker's accomplishment, Chicken Poxy began to develop tiny little spots all over. One of these spots he scratched and scratched until it became an ugly, disgusting thing on the side of his beautiful face.

Chicken Poxy's daddy made an appointment for him to see the doctor even though his mommy insisted the spot was just a bit of ringworm. It turns out that the daddy is a very smart man because the dots were chicken pox! Having received one of the two vaccinations for the pox, Chicken Poxy found himself with only a mild case.

Luckily, Chicken Poxy was no longer contagious and didn't find the dots to be too bothersome. Toothless Tucker had already received his two vaccinations, so he was safe from Chicken Poxy's germs.

After all of the excitement of losing a tooth and getting some pox, another special thing happened! Toothless Tucker received his birthday present in the mail from his Aunt Wendy. The present was everything he ever wanted - Bendaroos! So Chicken Poxy and Toothless Tucker spent the rest of their week bendarooing and making up new adventures.

And the mommy and daddy spent the rest of the week picking up bendaroos from the coffee table, kitchen floor, computer desk, chairs, and various other places throughout the house all while the daddy said ugly things about Aunt Wendy. ;)

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Jackie said...

Aunt Wendy better be careful... sounds like she declared war!