Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Brothers are Always Fun

Tonight the boys have been playing together so well. At some point, they are watching High School Musical (of course) in our room and laughing hysterically. Naturally, the laughter indicates that they need to be checked on.

So I head into our room and find them enthralled by their own little amusement park ride. They've taken all of the pillows off the bed and created a landing zone. They've also turned the ijoy chair (a gift Trey got me when I was REALLY pregnant) on its back so that the seat is standing up. This is where the ride comes in. They climb up the back of the chair, now laying on the ground, to perfectly balance on the end of the seat of the chair, now standing straight up. One at a time - for the most part - they leap, spread-eagle from the chair onto the pillow landing zone, all the while laughing and yelling "I'm first!" and "I'm second!" A brilliant time is being had by all.

When I enter the room and witness this kid-created theme park ride, it hardly fazes me. I tell them, "Y'all are going to get hurt." They assure me they are being careful, which I suppose they are if it's possible for a 5 year old and a 3 year old to carefully dive from the standing seat of a chair onto a pile of pillows.

Then Trey comes in. He explains that they should not do this. He returns the chair to an upright position. He places the pillows on the bed. He and I leave the room as I wonder why I didn't do that. Hmm... I guess it never occurred to me to make them stop. My brain must really be on summer time.

A few minutes later we return to find the ride back in perfect place. Spankings ensue, and they're instructed to get ready for bed, but their spirits don't dampen. Keaton, still cracking up about the ride, flies off to brush his teeth. Tucker notices that before Keaton left he perfectly lined up 3 pacifiers on the entertainment center, so Tucker grabs them to hide them.

Tucker, hands full of "bahs," jumps across the bed to hide them under a pillow, and, wouldn't you know it, his pants fall down. Completely down. He's left standing there in a white t-shirt and underwear with boxer-ish pajama shorts around his ankles.

He's laughing so hard now he can hardly breathe, but he finds enough air to yell, "Keaton has to see this!"

Keaton returns and the demonstration begins. Tucker's pants go up, he jumps, his pants fall down, they laugh. Unfortunately, Keaton's pants aren't stretched out, so when he jumps they do not fall down. He's forced to do these little hops so that he can manually pull his pants down on the way down from the air. Hop - Pull - Laugh. Hop - Pull - Laugh. It's really pretty funny.

Too bad bedtime interrupted the good times. If only it could have interrupted the laughter! They can't seem to get over the giggles. It's 9:34 now. Maybe they'll go to sleep sometime before tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

HAHAHA! i love it! :)

Anonymous said...

oh that was me, emily b....(plastic cupcake)