Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The (Not So) Big Event

There are certain events in my children's lives that I look forward to (or look back on fondly) - first word, first steps, first day of kindergarten, first date, first lost tooth. Well, in true Hickman Household fashion, these events do not always happen with the expected gusto.

On Sunday morning, Tucker asked Trey to look in his mouth. Right behind his two front bottom teeth, he had another tooth almost all the way in. Another tooth! Like - his first big boy tooth! I couldn't believe it! I mean, get out the baby books and call the grandparents! This is an event! How did it come in this far without us recognizing its mile-stonish existence?!

We soon realized that neither of the teeth this one could be replacing were loose. The shark-like nature of Tucker's mouth no longer seemed natural, so we (we being Trey) decided to call the dentist first thing Monday morning.

When I left summer school around noon on Monday, I called Trey to see what the dentist had to say. I expected that they would have scheduled a time to pull one of the baby teeth which was now in the way. Here's how my phone conversation went:

Me: "What did Dr. Badger say?"
Trey: "Nothing, really. They just pulled his tooth."
Me: "WHAT???!!!"
Trey: "They pulled the baby tooth. It wasn't loose or anything so that had to pull it."
Me: "So they just did it. I mean, right then? I mean, it's gone?"
Trey (sensing my elevated concern on missing something important): "Yes. Is that okay?"
Me (never wanting to admit sentimental hysteria): "Of course. I'm just...surprised they did it so quickly."

So then I talked to Tucker on the phone. It was great - he was so proud, "Mom! Dr. Badger pulled my tooth! There's a hole there! Do you want to see it?" I told him how proud I was that he was so brave, and that I was on my home to see the vacated space right that minute.

For just a moment I felt like I had missed out. Then I remembered all of the other teeth he still had in his head. I thought of all the wiggling of teeth and bleeding and jokes about tying them to doorknobs. I didn't miss any of that this go round, so I was okay.

When I got home, I got the whole story. Only I got it Tucker style, cool and calm, and just the facts. It had the following details:
They didn't just give him a shot - they gave him three!
He didn't even cry!
Dr. Badger gave him his tooth, and now the Tooth Fairy would come and bring him money!

He was so excited and so grown up with that little hole in his smile. About every five minutes for the rest of the day he would say, "Hey, does anyone want to see my loose tooth?" And every single time we looked at the tiny little tooth announcing his impending adolescence.

First a tooth. Next kindergarten. These realizations that my little man is growing up are a little much for me. I think I may have to start arranging an appropriate college major now...and marriage...I think a nice Aggie girl who can't stand the thought of leaving College Station would be a good choice... perhaps an application process for these future family members is in order...good thing it's summer...I have work to do!

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