Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Obstacle Course?

The boys made an obstacle course tonight. It had the usual - two overturned chairs, lots of pillows and stuffed animals. What made this particular evening unique is that they got into our closet to dress up for the event. Keaton (doing his mommy impersonation) wore one of my sweaters and some heels. Tucker (doing his daddy impersonation) wore Trey's shorts and dress shoes. I'm sure you can imagine that the costumes added an extra level of difficulty to the competition. They were having so much fun I couldn't make them stop, so I just chose not to watch.

At some point I walked through the room (or the "course," as it were). I heard constant laughter and this:

Tucker: Come on Keaton, let's do the obstacle course again!
Keaton: YEAH! Let's do the popsicle cups!

Apparently Keaton hasn't yet learned the word "obstacle," so he substituted what he thought was a logical alternative. Tonight's popsicle cups were a hit.

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