Monday, April 13, 2009

Laugh until you Puke

That's what happened at our house tonight.

Tucker had a baseball game, then we came home, gave the boys quick baths, and gathered around the dinner table to visit. After a while, Trey started doing the dishes while the boys and I quizzed each other on math problems (Tucker's idea, of course). After ten minutes or so of math, Trey grumbled about how he felt like he was at nerd camp and the math group adjourned.

While I was taking a quick bath, the boys kept yelling through the door, "Mommy, we have a surprise for you!" Then they would slide a jelly bean under the door and burst into laughter. It was a sweet gesture, but I know how long it's been since that bathroom floor was cleaned and there's no way I'm eating those jelly beans - surprise or not.

Trey and I visited for a while in the living room while the boys played. We had to break things up when we realized they were jumping from the top of my dresser onto a pile of blankets they'd made in the floor. It was bedtime anyway, so teeth brushing came next.

All in all it was a quiet, happy evening at the Hickman house. The boys were having fun being brothers, and I love seeing that.

At bedtime, we gathered to say prayers. While we waited for Keaton to finally get in bed, Tucker reached over and kissed me on the arm, only it felt like he licked me on the arm. Naturally, I said, "Did you just lick me?" which led to uncontrollable giggles and licking attempts for the next few minutes.

I should note that it was mostly Keaton attempting to lick. Did you know that if you put your hand on a three year old's head and keep him at arm's distance he physically cannot lick you? You can thank me later for that little piece of wisdom.

Prayers began, and we went in the usual order - first me, then Trey, then Keaton. Keaton had already been laughing about the licking, so I knew his prayer would be interesting. It went like this, "Dear God, thank you for our family and thank you for the day we had, and thank you for pee..."

At that, all four of us burst out into roaring laughter. I was trying to hide my laughter behind a very scolding face, but that never really works. Keaton was rolling. I'm sure you've heard me say before that he has the very best laugh ever, and it's completely true. His whole body was shaking and I'm sure his face had to hurt. Amidst his laughter one of those air-sucking croaks came out. You know what I mean? It kind of sounds like a burp, but it's more like a dry heave.

Being the good mother I am, I told the children that's what God does when you goof off during the prayer. He makes you throw up.
I was mostly kidding.

After a shocked look upon discovering this new sound, Keaton realized that if pee was funny, burps were even funnier! He kept laughing and continued to croak every time he could get enough air. We were all still giggling at this little entertainer when I put him off the bed and told him to go to the bathroom in case he really did throw up.

And he did. He puked and he laughed, and he puked and he laughed, and he puked and he laughed. It was wonderful and awful (and mostly in the toilet).

We changed his shirt, brushed his teeth again, and put him back in bed. The second time around he didn't thank God for pee. Tucker said his prayer, and then asked in a sweet voice, "Is that really what God does when you're silly in the prayer?"

I admitted to have only been teasing, but then Keaton giggled, "No. When you need to throw up, God helps you throw up so you feel better!"

And that, friends, is the happiest person on earth.

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