Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sometimes you just gotta dance...

Wednesday, March 4th

It's been a great evening. My 4:00 meeting ran late, so Trey had to pick up the boys from choir. Because of the traffic at 5:00, this led me to get home before the boys.

I was in the kitchen cooking up some pork chops and jamming to Ben Folds, when Isabelle the Super Chihuahua barked to let me know the boys were here. Keaton ran in the door and yelled, "Momma! Someone's here for you!"

"Who is it?" I asked.

"It's MEEEEE!" he shouted!

Then Tucker came in and told me to close my eyes. When I opened them he was wearing a red clown nose! Two clowns from the circus went to his school today, and he got a super-cool red nose out of the deal. Pretty cool! Tucker grabbed a basketball and ran outside.

Keaton pulled an orange out of his lunchbox and said, "Mimi gave me an orange! May I eat it with my supper please?" His politeness shocked me, but I did manage to tell him yes. Then I was even more shocked when he said, "Thank you, Momma!" in his sweetest voice. Keaton then ran out the door to play with his brother.

We had dinner. Trey and I had a conversation. We cleaned the kitchen. It was wonderful.

I put Tucker in the bath and went to add the new Kanye CD to my computer so I could put it on my ipod (thanks, Jodi!). Keaton came in to see what I was up to, so I played "Heartless" for him. Of course, he just had to dance.

When that song was over, he asked for me to play his song, so I turned on James Taylor's "Sweet Baby James." Sometimes you just gotta interpretative dance.

Now that I was fully entertained, it was time to get Tucker out of the bath and put Keaton in. While Keaton soaked, Tucker and I raced on the Wheel of Fortune puzzles. I am happy to say that I beat him on every puzzle today!

Tucker doesn't gotta dance. He's gotta make up intricate games. So we played Tucker's Wheel of Fortune for about five rounds. Trey got the puzzles for "American Flag" and "Texas Flag," but I got "Let's Go Aggies" and the final puzzle of then night, "Keaton stinks, not Tucker."

Just a regular day, but so much fun!

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