Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Is there a woman I can talk to?

You know those commercials that say, "Is there a woman I can talk to?" I think they're for soup or something. That's how I feel this morning. I need someone who understands to be excited for me. Trey gets it, but he's not a girl (thankfully).

This morning in my new usual routine of trying on 47 pairs of pants to find some that fit, I made a shocking discovery. Jeans I haven't worn in years - literally like four years - fit me now. It felt so good that I tried on another pair, some of my favorite comfy jeans that I just couldn't get rid of even though I never really thought I'd wear them again, and THEY FIT, TOO!

And they don't just fit, like I can get them on and buttoned but not necessarily breathe in them, but they are actually wearable for an extended period of time. In fact, I may need a belt with one pair. For reals.

It's been about five weeks of eating healthy and working out, and I've lost ten pounds and almost ten inches. Crazy.

My thoughts for the day before I head to an early morning dentist appointment:

1) I don't think I was particularly down on myself for being heavier than I thought I should. I didn't like it, but it's not like I was unhappy with my life or anything. I have a great life, even if I also have a big butt. (Does anyone else hear the lyrics to "Baby Got Back" in their head right now? Sorry, I digress.) Being healthier is just, well, better.

2) I have not starved myself, suffered, or even been hungry in the last five weeks. I've just eaten more spinach, carrots, hummus, apples, egg whites, shrimp, and other really yummy stuff. I had a birthday, too, so there was cake and margaritas and more cake and a cookie in there somewhere and some chocolate bread pudding from Cafe Eccel and a glass of red wine because I was on a hot date with my husband. I don't have to totally deprive myself from treats, I just have to save them for times when I really want them and not eat sugar because I've had a bad day.

3) If I'm not sweating - seriously dripping gross amounts of sweat - I didn't work out hard enough. Previously I went to my gym 4-5 times a week, set the treadmill on 3.5, and walked away for about 30 minutes. I left there with a petite drip of perspiration on my brow. That's not working out, and it's also not worth my time. To really get good exercise, I have to be willing to get gross.

Okay, off to the dentist! I wish you all get that warm fuzzy feeling today that comes when your favorite jeans fit!

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