Saturday, May 23, 2009

Saturday in the Park...

...I think it was the fourth of July...

Okay, really this should be called "Saturday at home," but when I was thinking of a title the Chicago song came to mind and I went with it. Me? Random? Go figure.

I thought I'd take a little moment to discuss Dannon Crush cups. If your children ask for them, it is suggested you respond with, "I'm not sure that our local grocer carries them. I'm so sorry because they look wonderful!"

Because they are decidedly not wonderful. First, the premise of these little yogurt cups is that you don't need a spoon. You simply "crush" the cup, and yogurt oozes into your mouth. Every little boys' dream, right?

So the boys began asking for Crush Cups (thank you, commercials during iCarly), and as I left for the grocery store last Sunday Trey said, "Why don't you see if they have those crush cups the boys have been asking for?"

Being the dutiful wife and mother I am, I came through. Keaton was especially excited to see the crush cups in the grocery bag, and he immediately ate one. I should mention here that this is his regular practice.

"MOM! You bought oranges! Can I have one right now? There are apples, too? Will you cut one up for me? Oh, I've been wanting this cheese! May I have some right now?"

I've been trying to devise a plan that allows me to disguise all of the food as tomatoes, the only thing Keaton won't immediately eat two bites of and throw away. So far I've got nothing.

Anyway, on this grocery day Keaton devoured a crush cup and that was that. I think the boys forgot about them until today.

Today they found the yogurt, and they wanted some. I was on the computer in the bedroom, and Keaton came in with his sweet"May Tucker and I have some yogurt?"

I am also a benevolent mother, so told them they could if they would get it themselves. The next thing I know, Tucker is chowing down on about half of the yogurt cup. Only half because he's wearing the other half on his face. Apparently to get the yogurt out of the cup, you have to smash the thing against your face. I hope yogurt in the eye doesn't make a person go blind.

Then I heard the familiar, "MAAHHHHMMM!" from Keaton. Familiar because it was the "I made a mess" version of that particular word.

I looked over to see him standing in my bedroom doorway with globs of yogurt falling on the carpet at an alarming rate. It seems he had been trying to tear two of the crush cups apart so he could eat one, and instead one cup tore all the way down its side. It was just all the more unfortunate that this happened in the kitchen because he had to walk all the way through the living room into my bedroom, dripping yogurt all the while, to tell me about the disaster.

As I cleaned yogurt globs from literally one end of our house to the other,I realized how crush cups were created. Someone at Dannon decided to make new packaging for yogurt, and when they realized that it was flimsy and tore easily, some genius said, "Let's call them 'crush cups'!"

So when my kids ask for more, I think I will accidentally forget them every week until the next big yogurt thing comes along. And you should do the same.


Erin S said...

This is your best blog post ever! I'm laughing sooooo darn hard. You are awesome!

Lisa said...

Oh! My! Gosh!

I have an entire post written about Dannon Crush Cups that I haven't posted yet becuase I haven't downloaded the pictures.

Our lives our scary similar. Seriously! If i had your phone number right now I would call you cracking up. And my blog says basically the same thing. Dannon crush cups are the dumbest idea ever! It is just a regular yogurt cup without the spoon.

Anonymous said...

Great Blog Stormy!!!

Parents across America are wondering what genius came up with this idea...

Dannon's focus groups were 3 - 6 year olds only (parents not allowed). Each kid was given a traditional yogurt cup and a spoon along with a crush cup. Then they were asked, which yogurt cup can you make a bigger mess with? Obviously the equation is this... more mess = more fun = more $$$.

The sad thing is, Davis talked us in to putting crush cups on the grocery list again. Man we're stupid.

Jeff Lyle