Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

Okay, so I started and deleted a philosophical political diatribe on this Election Day. I decided that my random thoughts on the political process really aren't all that entertaining, and that most of you couldn't care less about the anxiety I feel about this election. Let's just say we're good ol' God-fearing Republicans in this house and leave it at that.

This election will be an historic one for many reasons, but mostly because it will be the first election Tucker will remember. (I guess it's also historic because of all those reasons you hear about on the news, too.) Anyway, he's been very excited - asking questions and watching the television coverage.

They voted at his school today, and he was proud to announce last night that he had decided to vote for McCain. When he came home this evening, we realized how much he's come to love democracy.

He made these campaign signs:

Then, I guess he realized that voting and running for office was exciting because he decided to hold his own little election. HE wanted to be president. So just like any other good leader, he tallied all of the votes himself:

As you can see, he won. So no matter which way the US presidential election goes, at least one of our candidates is victorious!


donna said...
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donna said...

You tell Tucker for Miss Donna...I don't know who Kgie is but I would vote for Tucker before anyone else any day...especially today! Now it's time for us to start praying for our country. This is unbelieveable!!!

StormyHickman said...

I think it says "Kyle." Either way, Tucker gets my vote, too!